PerfectLO Provides PowerLender® with a Customizable Point-of-Sale for all Banking Applications

PerfectLO Provides PowerLender® with Branded Point-of-Sale Efficiencies for Mortgage, Consumer & Commercial Loan Applications. Integrated Processes Makes for Faster Loans and Better Service

Lenders using the PowerLender® Loan Origination System are capitalizing on competitive advantages offered by PerfectLO, a leading provider of point-of-sale (POS) lending technology. PerfectLO provides the technology, labelled in PowerLender as LoanPilot™, that allows lenders to easily employ a secure, fast and convenient consumer-facing POS to simply and accurately take loan applications via a branded portal on their website.

LoanPilot offers lenders a flexible and convenient method for engaging potential borrowers and requires nothing more than a PC, tablet or smartphone to apply. Lenders can tailor the look of LoanPilot as well as the requirements they need from applicants including the questions that are asked and the documents that are required. LoanPilot provides for the easy submission of documents and all of the entered applicant data flows seamlessly into PowerLender, all of which keeps the communication lines open so everyone’s on the same page.

“We see the addition of the PerfectLO technology as fulfilling PowerLender’s end-to-end loan origination capabilities for single-platform mortgage, consumer and commercial lending.” said John Liston, PowerLender Product Development Director. “LoanPilot delivers an engaging borrower experience, as well as efficiencies resulting in faster closings and lower costs to lenders.”

“The synergy created with the integration of PerfectLO technology into PowerLender will have a game-changing impact on the lending point-of-sale experience in terms of user engagement, faster loans and lower costs.” said Derek Malila, President of PerfectLO.

About PerfectLO

PerfectLO built the first and only interactive questionnaire that assumes nothing and fact finds every detail known to loan kind. It provides a detailed document checklist to the borrower based on their answers, text/email milestone notifications to clients and agents, and an easy to read document for the LO with all of the borrower's answers. A Document Center for securely downloading and uploading documents between the Borrower and LO is also included. PerfectLO works in every language and queues up the questions in the borrowers preferred language. More information is available at

About PowerLender

The PowerLender Loan Origination System is developed, supported and marketed by Associated Software Consultants, Inc. (ASC). Since 1978, ASC has pioneered the delivery of flexible loan automation technology and services to mortgage, consumer and commercial lenders of all sizes. ASC’s business strategy focuses on providing software and support services that enable lenders to improve the volume and quality of their business, streamline workflow and reduce costs. ASC’s lending solutions enhance lending operations, improve overall profitability and better serve borrowers, third-party service providers and other constituents. Additional information about PowerLender and ASC is available at, or call 800.628.4687.

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