BOTH of your email signatures are a digital form of your business card!

The importance of Branded Email Signatures

Few companies have yet to embrace the importance of using email signatures as an element of their branding strategy. Consequently, the variance in email signatures among your staff is possibly sabotaging your branding efforts. On the contrary, if you use an email signature template or implement specific guidelines for your employees to use, then it will signify that you and your team is genuine, organized, and united. These attributes are exactly the message that you want your brand to portray.

Elements of a well-designed branded email signature block

Below we've listed some of the essential elements, which you can incorporate into a set of guidelines to aid your staff in creating a corporate-branded email signature.

Make it Personal

If your Business is B2C, it is important to convert an impersonal email to a personal message which you can achieve by adding a personal picture. Research shows that photos of people are more memorable than other images. To ensure that the selected photo portrays a professional image it is best to opt for a headshot, and don't forget to smile.

Make it Social

Use images, but don't stop there, make sure that you remember to make social media icons clickable by embedding links to the appropriate social media profile or page.

Social media icons are available for use on many different websites. However, you should be mindful of the branding guidelines for each platform that you use. By respecting the brand guidelines of other entities, you are establishing trust and credibility within the digital community.

Note: there are virtually thousands of social icons online that do not adhere to the branded guidelines of the intended platform, just go directly to the source to ensure that you've captured the most recent version.

Make it Pop

Color is an asset and if used appropriately it will highlight the important elements that make up your closing remarks. Even if your brand identity is all black and white, you can highlight your name with a soft blue to set it apart from the other elements within your email signature block. Also, color offers another opportunity to strengthen your brand by using the same color palette from your logo or another corporate identity element.

Be careful not to go overboard; an ideal choice would be to stick with 1-2 colors. More than three colors would likely cause your email signature design to appear cluttered and too busy.

Make it Compliant

Specific industries are required to disclose licensing information. For example, Mortgage Loan Officers are required to disclose their NMLS ID # on all electronic communications. By placing this information in the signature block on your mobile device, you're eliminating the risk of omitting it from a communication piece, therefore, automating your compliance requirements. You can also add other required disclaimers or notices, as well.

Make it Responsive

Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. Now more than ever, with the evolution of smartphones, people are no longer required to sit at a desktop computer to log in to their email accounts, making it essential that your design or format is mobile friendly.

According to Email Monday, more people are checking their emails while they are on the go with 81% using a smartphone to check their emails regularly, and 21% are using a tablet. Consequently, it is vital that your branded signature converts to all screen sizes. If your contact information is not formatted appropriately, then the receiver will likely not be able to see all of your data, therefore, by not optimizing for mobile, your efforts will remain dormant, probably resulting in the loss of a new customer.

Make it Live

Whether you create a corporate set of guidelines to address uniformity among the staff or you opt to create your own template or design, you will not have trouble finding the resources or third party vendors that can simplify this process. Here is a sample of the many different approaches to creating a signature block.

  • Using a table format in Microsoft Word or Google Docs enables the user to align the different elements evenly.

  • Design your email signature by editing a pre-formatted design at Canva.

  • Use a paid third-party site that offers services from templates to signature builders. Popular choices include Zippy Sig and Email Signature Rescue. Link:

  • If you are looking for a free option, you might try this email signature generator at mail-signatures. They offer a variety of templates to choose from allowing you to select the elements and the appearance that will work best for you and your business.

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