PerfectLo Will Save You Time and Money

As loan officers, processors, and underwriters in the modern mortgage industry, your time is more valuable than ever. Between lender letters, applications, approvals, and processing, the loan originators of today spend precious hours tracking down countless packets of paperwork and pouring through clients’ financial histories in addition to networking and seeking new clients. What if you could streamline the initial part of every loan approval process? Would you as a loan originator consider an exclusive tool just to save precious hours in your day? PerfectLO might just have the solution you’ve been searching for to free up your time and close more loans faster.

Streamline the Process

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average loan officer made around $76,000 in 2016, equaling an average of $36 per hour. Clearly, each hour is highly valuable to anyone in the mortgage industry, making every second count in originating, processing, and closing loans. PerfectLO works to streamline the initial process in loan approvals using a detailed, interactive questionnaire that systematically and intelligently asks all the right questions. We gather the information that takes hours for originators like you to collect, freeing up your time to capture more business.

Avoid Time-Consuming Human Error:

With the expertly-designed PerfectLO software, human error is virtually eradicated. No longer will you have to spend valuable time re-doing inaccurate loan applications, using your precious $36/hour work time twice on information that could have been right the first time. No more will paperwork be rejected because of assumptions or missing information. No more wasted credit score fetching for loans that simply will never be approved. The industry experts behind PerfectLo have worked to create a glitch-free system to collect the information that you as originators need, without wasting your valuable time.

Close Faster, Close More

With less time spent on tedious paperwork and re-doing inaccurate paperwork, originators that work with PerfectLO have more time to find high quality business and close more loans. Our expert software works to eliminate time-consuming back-and- forth between originators and borrowers, getting loans approved and closed faster than ever before. Even the most complicated borrowers get through our system confidently and seamlessly, setting them up for a trusted, efficient partnership with you, their originator.

Ready to give PerfectLo a try and save yourself precious time and money? Contact Us to get started!

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