Ways to Ensure You and Your Realtor Make a Great Team

The housing market is a competitive industry. It requires tough and skilled negotiating tactics, a great deal of knowledge, and a sturdy foundation to stand on. Even realtors need a solid team of experts to handle aspects of the housing market they that aren’t qualified to do. Whether they know a fresh-on-the-market realtor waiting to snag the first sale or a seasoned veteran, these four ways that will help Realtor' s understand the importance of the responsibility and relationship of the realtor and loan officers.

Accountability & Honesty

In the case of real estate, the Loan Officer is "the person behind the curtain" trying to help the realtor make that sale. Both the loan officer and realtor want to reach goals and make everyone happy at the same time. Realistically, however, this isn’t always the case. No matter how knowledgeable of a loan officer you are and how much you love your line of work or the buyers that they're working with, they must be honest and practical about what you can offer those clients. Lending and real estate are uncertain, and when they find themselves planning for one thing, changes may occur that force them to plan something entirely different. In order to be a functional loan officer, you need to create clear and concise goals that they know they can account for. Realtors and their clients want realistic expectations as the end result.

Positive Loan Volume Means Quality Relationship

Any relationship requires honesty, trust and dependability. Loan officers take their position very seriously, and they want realtors (and their clients) to see this and know they are in good hands. Don’t create too unrealistic expectations. Always be helpful and communicative. Great Realtors do not need to be showered with gifts and monetary items, they appreciate you more for being there for them in all cases; the good, the bad, and the ugly !

Keep Up With the Jones’

...the Jones’ of social media, that is. Utilize the many advantages and possibilities of top social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to enhance the presence of both the loan officer and agent's business. This kind of interaction offers a way of quick communication between you and real estate agent, building a sense of professionalism and understanding of needs. This also shows prospective clients how well they work together and can promote each other.

Show That You’re a Team Player

Lastly, be a team player. Although loan officers and agents differ in identities, they are still working towards the same end goal. When a loan officer is looking to grab the attention of a realtor, everyone is on the same side and on the same winning team. They are understanding and willing to learn from the real estate agent.

These simple tips will help a mortgage broker understand that a broker and a real estate agent go hand in hand, creating a lasting impression on clients present and future. Be their trusted friend !

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