Originate More Loans With the Latest Mortgage Software

As a mortgage loan originator, you have a dynamic job; there are hundreds of small details to be handled on any mortgage loan. Luckily, consumer loan software technology is making it easier for each of your loans to flow smoothly from application through underwriting and on to the closing table. The right mortgage loan software makes your job less stressful and your results more fruitful and efficient, ultimately putting more clients into homes and making your business more profitable. Your LOS has missed the mark on the the 1003 itself from all angles. PerfectLO was built and designed by mortgage pro's that truly understand the process and what really matters in the details of the questions and the checklist.

Compatible Mortgage Loan Software Partner

When you choose which loan software programs are best for your origination business, there's another software solution to consider that will really improve your service to your customers — PerfectLO. PerfectLO is an online, interactive questionnaire that asks the right questions to get the answers needed for underwriting and approval.

When you use PerfectLO, you won’t have to worry about assuming answers to questions or having to call the applicant to clarify things. PerfectLO will have the answers you need, with no missed information or wasted time. PerfectLO offers you a simplified process that helps ensure clean applications and fast and accurate approvals. Further, you won’t have to deal with triggering any delay-inducing TRID issues, because you’ll have all the information you need upfront. At the same time we can configure it so when the borrower completes their questionnaire through PerfectLO, we have not triggered TRID.

PerfectLO even gives borrowers a checklist of the documents needed for their loan based on their answers to the questions, no matter how complex their situation happens to be. This cuts down on dealys and all the phone calls and emails that go with that between the LO, the processor, the underwriter and the borrowers. Call us today to get started closing more loans!

Our software is compatible and works with your current LOS (Calyx, Byte, Encompass, Open Close, Lending QB, etc...). It's as easy as getting your PerfectLO link to your borrower (text, email, website, social media, realtors, etc...) to have them process their loan for you and let our system show you the results you've been dreaming of. Your borrowers will love the experience that we built for them as there are no intimidating questions, it's easy to understand and they have the ability to skip a question and move on with out being "stopped." The system is white labeled you and also can truly customized if so desired.

Call us today to get started closing more loans!

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