Utilize Technology To Close Loans Faster and Ensure Perfect 1003's

Why would you send your borrower to an online application that requires you another post application interview with them? Then you must hope you "dig in" and ask all other questions that don't live in your 1003 and then remember what is now needed for your loan. PerfectLO fool proofs the process, so that you don' make mistakes and forget to ask them anything.

I can promise you that your underwriter will remind you of each and every one you forgot. Also, that your loan is incomplete, inaccurate and that you don't know...We will get you off on the "right" foot.

Now you you need to go back to the borrower and the back and forth begins as does the the painful slow downs. You now need to reach out to your borrower and say; "sorry now I need: blah blah blah." "You never told me about blah." "I thought you were selling that property, blah blah (because I never asked you to begin with)."

What LO's learned that utilize PerfectLO is that, your borrowers will tell you everything, if you ask them. Now, imagine if everything they told you had logic and it built them a perfect doc checklist of items needed, pretty cool, right? That's what PerfectLO does for you.

You pull credit and go over the proper rate and product with them. This part of your job is the fun part. Not playing detective and calling them with more questions and paperwork.

Private labeled for you, mobile, cloud-based, multi-language, easy adoption, custom built for you.

Sign up for a webinar and being your free trial to use it "live" with your next few borrowers.


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