If LO's Flew Planes...

Jim pulls the pre-flight checklist out and says to his co-pilot Julie, "everything looks good" after his eyes quickly flashed the sheet, then looks left and right and glanced at the controls.

Julie reassures Jim by stating, "We've got plenty of fuel."

Passengers are in, door is closed and they are letting me off the gate. We must be good.

There are 3 kinds of LO's:

Pilot's, Magician's and Rookies.

Pilot's are detailed oriented... going through a thorough checklist and hoping nothing breaks.

Magician's force the unknown... throwing stuff against the wall, hoping it sticks or disappears.

Rookies are your deer in headlights... looking in awe, trying to learn and avoid getting run over.

The Pilot understands that a detailed checklist is the key to success for them and their passengers. They are prepared to handle the bumps along the way and are calm in cool in a crisis situation. PerfectLO makes every LO a seasoned "Pilot" and has smooth takeoffs, landings and no turbulence.

ONTIME FLIGHTS (no delays):

Perfect LO is a cloud based online questionnaire that asks the 2nd and 3rd level questions that the standard 1003 fails too. It also builds a perfect doc checklist for your borrowers based off those answers. By removing all the intimidating words and engaging your borrower in an interactive interview (multi-language) you will see a 90-95% completion ratio from start to finish. You will also see clean approvals with minimum conditions leading to more selling time and fewer headaches.

Get your free flight today! http://www.perfectlo.com/free-trial

sales@perfectlo.com | 800-277-1687

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