5 Ways PerfectLO Helps You Become a ROCKSTAR Loan Officer!

1. Cat and Mouse: The new referral that you just can't connect with or pin down, we've all had them. LO's feedback on our platform is it has helped them get that "busy" borrower just by emailing their borrower link ("Click Here to Apply") with a message explaining this is an interactive interview that builds a doc checklist of items that you will need. Busy borrowers are usually successful and like to utilize tech so they prefer to do their interview on their own time. You sit back and watch the magic happen.

2. Efficiency: Your time is valuable. More time for you to originate and less time saying, "Sorry, now I need..." Our questionnaire will build and deliver your borrower a perfect doc checklist that will match your underwriters needs list, taking out the guess work and mistakes. Faster closing, happy clients and less headaches are all a result of using PerfectLO.

3. Realtor Referrals: Let your agents know you've invested in a technology tool that provides an accurate and efficient loan process that leads to 'On Time" closings. Guarantee them that your pre-approval letters will mean the most and waste their time. Also, make them aware that your software auto translates all languages removing the language barrier. Borrowers complete their questionnaire in their preferred language and everything comes back to you in English.

4. Pipeline Management: Your dashboard makes viewing the status of all your loans easy and diving into any detail with a mouse click. The system is cloud based and responsive on all devices, making it simple to view what is going on with your loans from anywhere. Each loans details and the borrowers checklist are summarized in a clean PDF to view on your phone, computer or tablet. Import the 3.2 file into your LOS and smile. You control your deals.

5. Training: Our software asks one question at a time (most relate it to turbo tax) which is interactive and intelligent. Your inside help can easily do an interview with the borrower without getting sidetracked or missing important questions. We do not talk about rate and can set you up so that it won't trigger TRID.

What are you waiting for? Find out why top producers are using our software and request a "live" demo today.

Don't send your borrowers to a "fill in the blank" 1003, make their lives and yours easier by utilizing our engaging & non intimidating questionnaire.

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