Loan Officer Tips For Mastering Multi-Tasking

Loan officers are busy people! From assembling loans, checking texts, keeping up with voicemails, to writing and responding to emails and checking in on the of loan approvals, conditions, and documents, LO's have a lot on their plates daily. Not only do you have to send many emails but you also have to make sure your borrower opens the compliance ones!

As such, staying organized is critical. Luckily, loan officers who learn to multitask more efficiently can get more done with less stress, every day. Here are some simple tips to get you started.

4 Ways Loan Officers Can Multitask Better

Whether you're a new loan officer or an experienced professional who has been in the field for years, these four simple tips can help you become more e

1. Team Related Tasks

When you work on one kind of activity, your brain activates all the parts related to it. When you take up a new task, however, your brain has to stop suddenly and adjust course. As such, working on related tasks together is a good way to ensure better focus and attention.With this in mind, answer your work and personal voicemails at the same time, and respond to email all at once, rather than at segmented times throughout the day.

2. Make a To-Do List

In a demanding profession like loan origination, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. As such, it's easy for small or recurring tasks to slip through the cracks.Learn to make a to-do list and keep it handy. Not only will this keep you on-task, but it will make it easy to complete a small job, like sending off an email requesting additional documents, while you're on the phone with a client or waiting on hold.

3. Schedule Downtime

While everyone wants to learn to multitask more effectively, there's also something to be said for scheduled downtime. In addition to helping your brain process and solidify new information, scheduled downtime also allows you to tackle tasks you missed, and make a plan to get through large or demanding situations.

Even if it's only 10-15 minutes each day, schedule some downtime where you can re-read notes from that recent client meeting or skim the document that just landed on your desk.

4. Invest in Some Software to help you on the "Front End"

In today's busy world, software has become more useful than ever before. Some is even designed to allow professionals like LO's to manage the ins and outs of their daily lives without going crazy in the process.

For example, a software program like PerfectLO will help solve many of the multi-tasking problems most LO's face. By collecting detailed information from borrowers, providing interactive questionnaires, offering detailed document checklists and automating much of the origination process, loan software like PerfectLO makes it easier to stay organized. While many loan officers believe they don't need a software like this, it's a wise investment that can make a large difference in your daily processes.

Efficiency Starts Here

While being an LO can be busy, better multitasking is one of the easiest ways to manage your daily

responsibilities and ensure you're meeting the needs of your clients and associates. Luckily, simple things like grouping tasks, scheduling downtime and investing in a mortgage loan software can make a large difference in the effectiveness of your days.

To learn more about PerfectLO and how it can help you, request a free trial of our software today!

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