Digital Mortgages

When your applicants go to seek a mortgage, they don't always have the time for a face-to-face appointment or phone call. Even if they do have the time, lots of people want and expect to be able to do everything online. They also want to avoid lengthy meetings and disruptions in their busy lives.

Luckily, there's a new option for providing the best possible service to your clients, without making them jump through extra hoops: offering online access to mortgage applications. When you offer digital mortgages, you can help your customers get going with a mortgage application online. It's that easy!

We want and need a mortgage!

When you use PerfectLO, you can help these customers streamline their mortgage application process and get the house they want. An innovative new software company specializing in digital mortgages, we've made mortgage applications simpler, easier and more efficient. While most online applications are disorganized and fragmented, relying on the fields of a 1003 and asking your customers to fill out several phases of information to provide all the fields you need, the PerfectLO system digs deep and ask all the questions that are needed to properly access the borrower. As if that weren't enough, PerfectLO also builds you a perfect document checklist of items needed.

Talk about simple! There's no doubt that digital mortgages are the way of the future, yet a lot of loan officers still aren't sure the best way to offer them. Luckily, PerfectLO is here to help pave the way. Providing cutting-edge online access to mortgage applications, PerfectLO makes it easy for everyone involved which will provide better service to your customers and streamline your mortgage application process.

Offering intelligent interactive mortgage questions, PerfectLO's system solves one of the biggest problems the loan application process presents — the fact that it's difficult to round up all the detailed information to complete the borrower's profile. By finding every detail that's relevant to the type of loan your clients are applying for, PerfectLO creates a comprehensive document of all red flags & concerns borrower based off their answers. and imports into your LOS system.

From there, it generates an easy-to-read document that contains all your borrower's answers that live outside of your 1003. If you've been looking for a smart way to produce results, this is it. A simplified process designed to save your loan origination firm money, time and stress, PerfectLO can help you prevent unneeded credit pulls for your client and do away with inaccurate applications for mortgage loans. This, in turn, helps you generate happy clients and develop the foundation for lifelong accounts. Your one-stop shop for better digital mortgages, PerfectLO is the best tool for loan originators on every level !

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