Simple Tasks To Ensure Maximum Referrals

As an "originator," your primary job is to get new business. To do this, you need to make sure that you're easily accessible with clients and shine through as a true "professional." Lots of originators are good at making or returning calls and emails. But too many don't understand a few simple helpful communication tips. The easiest it to answer your phone. I have met many successful businessmen and women in my life all of them are as "busy" as you are but the one common trait they have is that they all answer their phone. How many times have you called someone for service or ready to buy something and received their voicemail? How many times did you not leave a message and call someone else? Borrowers are no different.

Full Voice Mail = Red Flag

Imagine the scenario: you're a prospective borrower, and you have the contact information for an originator. You dial, wait for a few rings and then hear a robot voice: "This person's voicemail box is full and cannot receive more messages ..."

The originator will probably see your missed call on the phone's log. If professional, the person will follow up and return the missed call. But what is your potential borrower thinking?

A full voicemail box doesn't make you look busy or important. The borrower is far more likely to get the impression that you're unprofessional, lazy, on vacation or even no longer working. When you do make that return contact, the borrower will be far more shy about doing business with you. In effect, you've sabotaged that vital first impression. If the borrower doesn't hear back from you, he may never call you again – another originator may prove far easier to get hold of.

Clean out your voicemail box regularly. Rather than saving important voicemails, transcribe the information, especially if you're planning to need it for more than a few days. This way, you'll keep that channel of communication clear, and borrowers will be able to reach you with minimal fuss.

Matching Your Email Signature on your Phone to the one on your Desktop

When you get in touch with people, make sure they can access your contact info easily. Everyone knows to leave their name and phone number when they leave a message. But what about your email signature? If your contact info isn't their, they can't easily call you back from an email? Or for your realtor to cut/paste your contact info and refer you to a prospect.

Your email signature should be neat and orderly. It should have your name, job title, organization, NMLS#'s (I'm quite sure this is required by CFPB), your work email address, work phone number and other contact info as well. Avoid unusual or hard-to-read fonts and colors, quotes, or other distracting and superfluous information – this is the place for you to provide essential contact information, not to express yourself.

Ideally, everyone in your organization should format their email signatures the same way so borrowers communicating with multiple people at your company will be able to easily find the information they need. This also cuts down on spurious information, unusual formatting choices and other email signature fonts.

If you don't know how to do this, here are instructions for both iPhone and Android users.) In addition to the possibility that your phone uses a different signature entirely, some phones add a line to every email that identifies the make and model of the phone (like those "sent from my iPhone" notices). While this isn't an enormous faux pas, it's best to remove from your signature so all emails you send are uniform.

If your not easily accessible and make it difficult for someone to reach you, you're loosing business. By making it easy to get in touch with you, you'll cultivate an air of professionalism and encourage borrower contact you and more importantly easy to refer you to their sphere of influence. Make it easy! Market yourself, these little steps are simple things that you can control and do. It does matter and more importantly makes a difference in you reaching your goals.

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