5 Benefits of PerfectLO Mortgage Loan Software

Those seeking to purchase a home have plenty of assistance, resources and programs available to them to help facilitate the process. So why shouldn’t a loan originator also have resources available to help make your job easier? You’ve probably already been solicited by a number of companies offering you software or other resources to help you perform your daily tasks better, and if you’re a new loan originator in training, some of the offers may seem pretty tempting to take for a test drive.

But not all mortgage software is built the same, and some offer little in the way of improved efficiency or a user-friendly interface. Many experienced loan originators have already discovered the benefits that can be garnered through PerfectLO, a cloud-based mortgage software application designed specifically to help you get a complete Borrower profile in just a few easy steps, eliminating much of the time wasted and frustration created when utilizing more traditional, old-school methods of gathering Borrower information.

How Does PerfectLO Solve Common Problems?

1. All the Details You Need

One of the most important and valuable benefits that you will recognize right away when first using PerfectLO is how it finds and provides you with comprehensive details about a borrower, saving you ample time and ensuring that there are no inaccuracies or missing bits of information that could be pertinent to the loan. The intuitive software makes the process look relatively simple, does away with the need for extra credit pulls and doesn’t cause problems with TRID.

2. Easy to Use and Customize

As mentioned above, some mortgage software applications just weren’t created to be user friendly, but PerfectLO was designed with the busy Loan Originator in mind, taking into account all the things that you might want to see in the perfect application. In addition to being easy to use, PerfectLO is also easy to customize, allowing you to easily add notes, reminders, Do's and Don’ts to the borrowers checklist, company information, email signatures and more to make each document produced through PerfectLO fully customized to be representative of your business.

3. Ease of Use for the Customer

As you are undoubtedly well aware, the loan application and additional paperwork can seem daunting when first presented to the borrower. PerfectLO simplifies things by providing the borrower with a questionnaire that, when completed, will contain all the information needed for the software to put together a complete borrower profile. As an added feature, the software also lets you know when the borrower has started the application and when they have completed and submitted it.

4. Streamlined Information at Your Fingertips

PerfectLO collects all the data and details and presents it to you in an easy-to-read yet comprehensive report so that you can easily find information without having to flip through hundreds of pages.

5. A Happy Client Means Less Stress for You

Because PerfectLO makes things easier for you, it also means there is less back and forth time wasted between you and the borrower. That means a happier, less stressed client, which in turn makes your work easier as well. More referals from your clients and realtors.

To learn more about PerfectLO, to see how it works or to speak to a team member, visit PerfectLO.com today or call 800-277-1687. You can also request a demo or schedule an on-site meeting to further discuss how this mortgage loan software can best suit your needs.

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