Do More Loans Without Hiring More People!

Here is how we enable this and have "uncomplicated" the mortgage process. We designed something better than a "Perfect 1003." We built one that "digs" in and asks more questions.

The Interview: Our online questionnaire is private labeled for you and asks ALL THE QUESTIONS you need to know (we don't just complete a 1003). As you know the 1003 doesn't tell the entire story of the borrower. Every borrower has a curveball or 2 in their pocket and we find them all so you are prepared upfront and understand all their intentions and have the full financial picture.

Doc Checklist: Upon completion the borrowers receive a personalized checklist of items you will need based off their answers. This checklist will include ALL ITEMS that your processors and underwriters will need and is "spot on" with detail of the items needed and reminders for them (all pages, large deposits, EMD checks and gets down to every detail (access letters, job gap explanations, cash out letters, tax ext, school transcripts etc). 25% of your processors and underwriters day is wasted with conditions and files that they should have never had to view.

Multi Channel LOS: Your file easily imports via a Fannie3.2 upload or we can build a direct API integration between our software and your LOS.

Email Notifications / Admin Access: MLO's and team will receive notifications when the borrower begins and completes the questionnaire.

Responsive Software: Works on all devices and computers, software is cloud based (Microsoft Azure) and all data is encrypted. Easily accessed, no apps to download.

New LO's: This is a perfect solution for their training. Our questions are "path" driven, smart and we create the doc checklist for them. You only need to teach them how to read a credit report and quote rate/product.

Over 90% of your borrowers that begin will finish it. We removed the mortgage lingo and made it all the questions easy to understand.

There are no intimidating questions for them. First time homebuyers finish in less than 15 minutes.

Did we mention it's multi- language? Designed by mortgage pro's. Click here to learn more and see our software in action.

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