Being a successful LO is demanding but thankfully rewarding. Rarely in my 20 year career was I every able to really "shut it down." My tagline was; "If I'm awake I'm working," which was true, unless I was truly off "the grid." If you want to make more than a Doctor (being a Loan Officer), then you need to out work them. Luckily, technology allows for you to make your own "schedule." I never missed my kids sports games or school plays, however I would check my phone or make calls in between innings.

Taking a Vacation?

In the 90's LO's in my office would split commissions with other LO's for covering (taking a new application) them while they were on vacation. This approach doesn't work today for several reasons, the biggest reason being, LO Comp. Here is a thought to consider when you want to really relax and get away. One of our clients using our product went of on his honey moon and he was able to truly "shut it down," however he didn't miss a beat. He didn't have to beg, barter, or plead with a colleague to take care of his new biz while he was away yet he came back from his honeymoon to 6 new loans all completed with all supporting docs stacked up in his inbox by utilizing tech and using PerfectLO.


"I am currently out of the office and will return January 23, 2017. If you want to get pre-qualified click here, if you have a loan in process please contact my assistant dana@iloveloans.com | 555-555-1212.

Thanks and I look forward to talking to you upon my return.

Just that simple...

Feel free to click on the link above (get pre-qualified and run a "test" loan through) or click here to sign up for a webinar and a free 2 week trial so you can see it in action on your next few loans.

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