Do you believe in Evolution?

1990- 2000, Loan Officer - Expected hours, 9-5: pay phones, pagers, income ratios were limited to 28/36, manual underwriting, appraisals were hand delivered with photos glued to the paper and took 2-3 weeks to receive, fax machine with rolled paper were cool. No doc / stated loans required great credit and 20% down. PerfectLO would have made the home buying process more efficient.

2000 -2010, Loan Originator- Expected hours, 9-9 : weekend open houses, smart phone, email address, automated underwriting (55% DTI's often approved), biz web page, texting clients, Facebook, Twitter. If you could fog a mirror you could get pre-approved. PerfectLO would have made the home buying process more efficient.

2010- Present, Mortgage Loan Originator- Expected Hours, If your awake your working, you sleep with your phone on: there is no "typical loan," more rules and regulations, fewer programs and products, risk based pricing, QC of the QC, verify items that are verified by another verifier. There is more technology than you can shake a stick at. Loans are almost are almost as stressful as keeping your battery on your phone "charged." PerfectLO is a must tool for all LO's.

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