Want to be more efficient? PerfectLO has a solution unlike any other.

This is not your standard fill in the blank 1003, yet it communicates with all LOS systems on the market via a Fannie 3.2 file. Your back office is wasting 25% or more of their day on conditions and loans that they should have never had to view. PerfectLO is an in-depth loan questionnaire that asks every question known to "LOANKIND", creating a personalized checklist based off their answers. There is no heavy lifting needed to get started. It's simple, smart, powerful and a game changer for our beloved industry. No downloads or apps needed. PerfectLO is cloud based, encrypted and secure. We will private label it for you and customize it for individual LO's or your entire company. It also is multilingual and allows you to communicate with all your borrowers (auto translation).

Contact us today to sign up for a free trial: http://www.perfectlo.com/free-trial

derek@perfectlo.com | Toll free 800-277-1687 | @perfectlo.com | #perfectlo

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