Mortgages mortgages mortgages- A true love/hate relationship?

When things are good they are real good ($miles everywhere), when things are bad, they are real bad (stressful). We are just as passionate about our careers as we are with our spouses and favorite sports team.

I woke up everyday of my life for 18 years and went to the office to find a loan, to put the pieces of puzzles together on a tough loan, and to go to battle for all my other loans and to fight off conditions on my "approved" loans. I knew there had to be a better way as I trained LO's and fought the fight day in day out. I kept waiting for "somebody" to create what I wanted to help make my company more efficient and have a better path for home buyers. A few years ago I realized that "somebody" was me. I started to create flow charts, and "what if" scenarios and writing down every random loan issue (and the loan gods will keep thinking up new ones and you know they are not done, if you think you've heard it all - wait till Friday).

After working with a dedicated software team I am pleased to say that we have solved one of the mortgage industry's oldest problems, "the incomplete/inaccurate 1003." We developed a questionnaire that is smarter than you and me, it asks every question known to "loankind" - similar to a TurboTax approach. As it goes it creates a customized financial checklist of items needed (we ensure this list will match your underwriters approval). The LO can complete the questionnaire "live" with the borrower, or the borrower can start via a secure weblink. Email notifications are built in, it's private labeled for you, it integrates with your LOS system. It is 2016, so it's about time "somebody" stepped a side from their day to day mortgage madness to help make every mortgage institution better.

Your entire staff is wasting 30% of their day with conditions on conditions or docing un-closable loans. Want to hire that young connected green person to be your next top LO? Now you can.

Busy LO's can stop wasting their time filling in 1003's and dealing with issues they should have caught up front. They can truly focus on originating while still building rapport going over rates, loan products, and using their expertise to pin point the best way to structure their borrower's loans. Makes sense, right ? More smiles, more interoffice high fiving, less stress. Mortgage people do deserve deep sleep every night. Contact us to take the "hate" out of your job- for a demo and free trial.

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