A Better and "True"1003- Yes, Finally It Exists ;)



The Interview: Our online questionnaire is private labeled for you and asks ALL THE QUESTIONS you need to know. We don't just complete a 1003, as that doesn't tell the entire story of the borrower. Every borrower has a curveball or 2 in their pocket and we find them all so you are prepared upfront and understand all their intentions and have the full financial picture. Did we mention this can be set up for you to be "TRIDLESS?"

Doc Checklist: Upon completion the borrower receives a personalized checklist of items you will need based off their answers. This checklist will include ALL ITEMS that your processors and underwriters will need and is "spot on" with details of the items needed (access letters, job gap explanations, gift/cash out letters, tax extension, school transcripts, etc.) along with reminders for them (all pages, large deposits, EMD checks, etc.). Approximately 25% of your processors and underwriter’s day is wasted with conditions and files that they should have never had to view.

Cool Features: MLO's and team will receive email notifications when the borrower begins and completes the questionnaire, the borrower's complete document checklist, a summary document of all the borrower’s answers and a Fannie (.fnm) file that easily imports into their LOS. The software can also be read in the borrower's preferred language through their browser setting. Optional settings; (1) Capture SSN on/off (2) Document checklist on/off (3) Email notifications to additional addresses (4) Customizable Do’s/Don’ts list (5) Customizable Opt In Language (6) Need your 1003 in all CAPITALS, no problem.

Responsive Software: The software and data is encrypted and hosted on Microsoft Azure. Being cloud based allows easy access from anywhere with no apps to download. The software is "responsive" so it looks great on all devices (phones, tablets, computers).

Users: This is a Perfect solution for high producing LO's, new hires, training new LO’s, call centers and a great value added tool for your referral sources. The questions are "path" driven, which streamlines the process and provides transparency from one loan to the next.

Design: The software is designed by mortgage professionals, in a “Turbo Tax” style where questions are asked one at a time. All the mortgage lingo is removed, making all the questions easy to understand and less intimating for the first-time home buyer who finish in less than 15 minutes and over 90% of your borrowers finish it on their own after they begin. LO has instant access and to data and can finish with their clients later or follow up with them at any point.

So Simple, Yet So Powerful: You can finally let the borrower do the work for you and they would prefer too!

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