Secure Borrower Portal/Link- With your link, a borrower clicks your link from an email, text message, your website, social media site or anywhere else you market and registers by using their email and creating a password to complete the questionnaire and/or return later to complete or view their unique document checklist.


Interactive Document Checklist - A unique Document Checklist is created based on your borrowers answers and allows you to template an opening and closing paragraph to add whatever you wish.  Your borrower can view/print/download their checklist when they complete their questionnaire and have it automatically emailed to them, from you, with a custom message.  This checklist is available to you in a PDF or Word document and accessible from your dashboard or you can chose to have it sent in the "completed" email notification when your borrower submits the questionnaire.  You can default any or all of these options to ON or OFF.


Questionnaire Summary-  A summary of all the questions and answers, which highlights any questions skipped along with quickly being able to determine any Red Flags.  This summary is provided for you in a PDF document accessible from your dashboard or you can chose to have it sent in the "completed" email notification when your borrower submits the questionnaire.


LOS Import File- A Fannie Mae 3.2 file is created with the borrowers data to easily import into your Loan Origination Software (Encompass, Calyx, etc...).  This file is accessible from your dashboard or you can chose to have it sent in the "completed" email notification when your borrower submits the questionnaire.  You have the option to have the information import into your LOS with all CAPITAL letters as well.


Status Notifications By Text/Email- Notifications when a borrower starts and completes a questionnaire, can be sent out by text, email or both.  You can assign multiple people, your team, processors, managers, etc..., to receive these notifications.  An automatic, customized email message, along with the document checklist, can also be sent to your borrower when they complete a questionnaire, from you.  


Borrower Registration OPT IN Message- You can customize a message that a borrow must agree to before entering the questionnaire.


TRIDless- Your borrower can be asked to provide their SSN in the questionnaire after providing authorization to pull credit.  You can default this option to ON (ask for SSN) or OFF (don't ask).


Realtor Authorization- The questionnaire asks for permission to speak to their realtor and obtains the realtors contact information.  If the borrower doesn't have a realtor, the system asks the borrower if they would like you to recommend one.


White Labeled Dashboard-  Everything the borrower see's is about you, your team, branch or company.  We can customize as you wish with personal information, company information or both.


Customized URL Page- You are provided with a link that has all the LO's names and their "Apply Now" link to embed into your website or easy access for a manager or IT to each LO's borrower link.


Unlimited Loans- You can put as many loans as you can through our system with no additional costs.


Portable Database- Individual loan originators love the ability to have a portable database.  When an individual LO pays for their own portal, they carry their pipeline with them, day to day and company to company.


Administrator Access- With administrator access, you view all LO pipelines for that location.  You can also disable LO's, change LO's contact information, customize each LO's email message to a borrower and add additional text and email notifications for each LO.


Device/Mobile Friendly- The software is responsive and looks great on anything that reaches the internet. Borrowers love the ease of use and have actually said they enjoy the experience laying in bed on their phone... 


Dual Live Access- A borrower can start a questionnaire and the LO can resume where they left off and finish it for them.  The LO can also call the borrower and they both walk through and complete it together.


AES 256-bit encryption- Security is our top priority.  PerfectLO uses 256-bit encryption for data in transit, or data traveling over a network or Internet connection which is the most secure encryption method available. 


Credit Authorization- The questionnaire asks for the borrowers authorization to pull credit and for their social security number if that option is turned on.



Send us a message in the contact form above, call us at 800-277-1687 or email sales@PerfectLO.com for more information.


Spanish Translation- The software is also written in Spanish, giving your Spanish borrowers an experience they have never before seen.  They can complete the questionnaire in their preferred language and receive their document checklist in Spanish.  Every comes back to the LO in English.

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