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Custom Loan Applications
"Not Your Typical Fill In The Blank 1003"

The founders of PerfectLO knew there was a better way to initiate the mortgage process.  They used their extensive industry knowledge to construct a detailed, interactive questionnaire that systematically and intelligently asks all the right questions. 


No more inaccurate loan applications due to assumptions or inadequate fact-finding. No more unnecessary credit pulls or wasted time and money on loans that will never be closed. No more missed questions that require additional documentation.


The result is a simplified and streamlined process that leads to clean and accurate approvals.

Derek Malila

Intelligent Interactive Mortgage Questionnaire

PerfectLO is a cloud-based mortgage software that solves one of the biggest problems during the loan application process: failure to provide the detailed information to complete a Borrower’s true profile.


This interactive questionnaire assumes nothing and fact finds every detail known to loan kind.  It provides a detailed document checklist to the borrower based on their answers, imports into your current LOS system, provides text/email notifications, an easy to read document for the LO with all of the borrower's answers and a Document Center for securely downloading and uploading documents between the Borrower and LO. 

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Efficient Loan Processing
  • This interactive, easy-to-use software allows Borrowers to complete the in-depth loan questionnaire at their convenience on any mobile device or desktop.

  • The Originator can also interview the Borrower “Live” while following the systematic, foolproof process asking all the right questions.

  • The questionnaires are easy to edit, change and customize.

  • PerfectLO provides a summary of key information to Loan Originators and exports the results into their Loan Origination Software (LOS).​

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Faster Closings & More Satisfied Borrowers
  • PerfectLO provides Borrowers with a checklist of documentation that is needed based on their answers.

  • It removes the inefficient back-and-forth between the Loan Originator, the Processor, the Underwriter, and the Borrower.

  • The software is designed to handle the most complicated Borrowers.

  • Document Center for securely downloading and uploading documents between the Borrower and LO. 

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Customized For You
  • White labeling allows the header and footer to be customized at the Company and Loan Originator level.

  • A unique link is created for each Loan Originator to attach to their email signature, social media pages, etc... which brings the Borrower directly to the LO's portal.  

  • A custom URL is created for Companies to embed into their website where Borrowers have an option to choose the Loan Originator they want to work with.

  • Email/Text notifications are sent to the Loan Originator when the Borrower starts their questionnaire and again when they submit it.​​

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Document Center
  • Customize your borrowers document checklist items, verbiage and triggers. We have pre-formatted them based off all conventional guidelines.

  • All uploaded documents can be accepted, rejected and email notifications can be sent to your borrower(s).

  • Auto reminders can be emailed at any frequency.

  • All documents are auto named and converted to pdf's.  

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  • Borrowers can complete the questionnaire and receive the checklist in their preferred language set by their browser sesttings.

  • The Loan Originator views the questionnaire, the checklist, and the results summary in English. 

Produce Better Results

PerfectLO's simplified process saves you money from unnecessary credit pulls and wasting time working to resolve issues you should have never seen.  It prevents inaccurate loan applications and produces happy clients all while creating lifelong accounts without triggering TRID, if you wish.  You also own ANY and ALL your data from when a borrower starts the process and can also take your pipeline with you.

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This software has been one of the best investments I have ever made in my business.  It has reduced daily stress from appointment scheduling issues and conflicts for both myself, and my clients, and has led to a greater level of efficiency for my assistant and I to serve our client’s needs. It has literally created “extra hours” in the workday for my team and I.  In a way, it has stopped me from thinking about a career change (from a producing manager to a non-producing manager).  I wish I would have had the idea to create this, as I have always had the idea that “there must be a better way”.  PerfectLO is it, in my humble opinion!  Some might argue that “rapport” is built while going through a 1003, and I have always believed that as well.  However, it is still data gathering.  Period.  There might be a side-bar conversation here and there, but you can have those once you are done evaluating the PerfectLO data and consulting with the client about loan programs, pricing options and financial strategies.  I am now the surgeon, not the blood-pressure taker and the surgeon.  Thank you, PerfectLO. 



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Highly Secure Platform
  • PerfectLO is a cloud based software exceeding today's information security standards.

  • Data is encrypted and automatically backed up, ensuring information is secure and never lost.

  • PerfectLO has a team of experts available for all technical support.